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Car rental in Ekaterinburg
Rental Prices
Car rental in Ekaterinburg
Chevrolet Spark
Capacity 1,0 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2014
Price: from 1 000 ₽/day
Renault Sandero MT
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Manual
Air Included
Year 2019
Price: from 1 000 ₽/day
Renault Logan
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2019
Price: from 1 200 ₽/day
Chevrolet Lacetti
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Manual
Air Included
Year 2014
Price: from 1 100 ₽/day
Nissan Almera Classic
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2013
Price: from 1 200 ₽/day
Ravon R2
Capacity 1,3 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2018
Price: from 1 200 ₽/day
Renault Sandero AT
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2019
Price: from 1 400 ₽/day
Citroen Berlingo
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Manual
Air Included
Year 2015
Price: from 1 400 ₽/day
Nissan Almera
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2016
Price: from 1 500 ₽/day

Rent a car in Ekaterinburg

If you need to rent a car in Yekaterinburg - the company "Amigo" will be the most reliable friend. 

Our services:
- Rent a car without a driver
- Rent a car with a driver 
- Carsharing
- Transport outsourcing

Amigo car rental is the best in Yekaterinburg
         Amigo is a car rental with a proven reputation and the highest rating according to an independent assessment. For 14 years we have been successfully providing services in the car rental market. We have more than 50,000 satisfied customers and more than 1,000 thank-you reviews that you can read. 
The company "Amigorent" owns one of the most modern fleets in Yekaterinburg, numbering more than 70 cars: from economy to luxury class and offers more than 30 car models to choose from.
         On the website, in the "About Us" section, you will learn more about the history of the company, its concept, and the highest ratings received at the largest sites of reviews about car rental in Yekaterinburg.
The company has branches in other cities so that customers can easily rent a car in Yekaterinburg and other regions. We have developed our own CRM system, we offer a ready-made franchise to transfer experience, support and start our own business.
There is an affiliate program where everyone can become our partner, business participant and rent their car. The best thing is to rent a car and see for yourself how everything works!

Car rental and rental, carsharing in Yekaterinburg
         The company "Amigo" offers the most attractive prices for car rental and carsharing — up to 20% lower than competitors. Business must work! 
Therefore, we avoid downtime, carefully study the supply and demand of the market, competitors, in order to stand out and offer customers the most favorable conditions for renting a car in Yekaterinburg and the region, while providing high-level service. How do we do it?
Such achievements are possible thanks to the use of advanced developments and automation of all business processes and minimizing costs. One of the author's developments is a special CRM system for car rental - RentProg.
To ensure the safety of customers, all machines are thoroughly checked and undergo regular maintenance. Each rented car has a CASCO insurance, which guarantees the protection of the driver's interests in unforeseen cases.

         Rent a car in Yekaterinburg - ordering
         We offer the largest selection of cars for rent. Check out the Prices and Rental Conditions by selecting the appropriate section on our website.
By clicking "Order a Car", you will quickly check the availability of the desired car and book the selected model, or order any available car.
When choosing a car of a certain model, our manager will contact you to confirm the reservation and clarify the details of the order. If you want to rent any car, you do not need to make an advance payment on the reservation.
You can choose from car rentals of various classes: economy, business and luxury, as well as comfortable minivans, roomy crossovers and commercial vehicles.

          Rent a car without a driver - the main direction
Our main direction is to rent a car without a driver in Yekaterinburg and other cities of the Sverdlovsk region (Nizhny Tagil, Kamensk-Uralsky, Pervouralsk, etc.), as well as at the Koltsovo airport.
         An additional direction is car rental with a driver in Yekaterinburg and the region. The rented car is delivered to any point in the region.
Customer orientation is the business card of the company "Amigo". Based on this, we offer our customers affordable prices, a flexible system of discounts and high security when renting a car.
         CASCO insurance protects the client from possible risks. By enabling the "Super CASCO" option, you will feel extra security. Insurance provides a more complete guarantee and maximum damage coverage. 

         Car rental or rental - which is more profitable?
         70% of our customers are interested in the question: how does car rental differ from rental? What is more beneficial for the client and are there legal subtleties and undercurrents? 
         We will answer right away, for the client, car rental and rental are the same service, which differs only in the name. The consumer receives from the car rental service a vehicle for temporary use, according to the lease agreement. 
Payment for services and the terms of the contract are the same, both when renting and when renting. In other words, the name of the service does not affect the benefits of the client. There is no difference in renting a car in Yekaterinburg or renting one.        
The opinion that a car rental is issued for a long time, from one or more months, and the rental is taken for a short period of time is an erroneous judgment. 
         You can rent or rent a car for the period you need, from one day to one year or more. If the lease agreement is made out to an individual, then there is no difference from a legal and economic point of view, what exactly is written in the wording: the word "rent" or "rental".
When a legal entity enters into a contract with a car distributor, the responsibility changes from the legal and economic side. Therefore, in the form of an agreement between the two organizations, a car rental is prescribed. This wording is more important for the landlord than for the client. 
Regardless of whether the client is an individual or a legal entity, the main importance should not be that he signs a rental agreement or a car rental agreement, but what kind of reputation the car rental service has. Choosing a conscientious distributor is a guarantee of peace and confidence of the client! 

       What is carsharing and how does it differ from rental?
         The English word "carsharing" has two components: car - car and share - share. This is the idea of sharing a car with other people, respectively, their responsibility and maintenance costs. 
Most trips in Megacities are made using vehicles in which there is only one person, the car is not used by the driver most of the day, which is why the concept of carsharing arose.       
Carsharing allows you to have the advantages of private transport at a lower cost. Customers get access to a shared fleet to use the car as needed.
         Carsharing can be considered as a short-term car rental. Customers become members of the community, pay a fee and follow the general rules. They get access to various vehicles. 
The car can be taken with a per-minute payment rate or taking into account the kilometers traveled. Carsharing has a number of advantages for the client, but also its serious risks.
                               Advantages of carsharing
         The advantages include saving money and time when a car is needed for a short trip. When registering the service, the personal presence of a representative of a car rental company is not required.
All actions for searching, selecting, receiving and activating a car are carried out through an online application. The client returns the car to a parking lot convenient for him.
Disadvantages of the carsharing service
         The disadvantages of carsharing are the reverse side of its advantages in rational use. When a customer pays for a few minutes or hours according to the tariff, he receives a certain saving of money. But if the driver does not have time to return the car on time or there is a need to extend the rental time, then the service ceases to be profitable, since the penalty for late return and payment for additional booking or mileage exceeds the cost of a regular car rental per day. The driver needs to plan carefully and strictly adhere to the set time. The rules require the car to be picked up and returned to certain parking lots or service areas. The road to the parking lot takes extra effort and time. 
         There is no guarantee that the desired car will be available at the right time. It is also not uncommon to have "pleasant surprises" with an empty gas tank and dog hair in an untidy cabin. When you make out a car rental, then such unpleasant moments are excluded.
To use carsharing, you need to register in the application and pass a check, which takes some time.
A number of requirements are imposed on participants: age restrictions, not to have traffic accidents or not to violate traffic rules over the past year. 
         When carsharing, the client himself inspects and photographs the car. This requires a certain skill, as there are cases when the user pays for the damage done by the previous driver or third parties in the parking lot.
         Mobile applications of carsharing services for minute-by-minute payment contain personal data of the driver and his bank card. During the study, it was revealed that they continue to remain vulnerable to hacker attacks, account theft and money write-off.
It is harder for employees of car-sharing companies to service cars. In terms of their technical and visual condition, cleanliness and disinfection of the interior, they are significantly inferior to rented cars.
         To rent a car in Yekaterinburg, you do not need to pass such strict checks. The vehicle fully complies with the customer's order and will be delivered to a convenient place for him. Tariffs are fixed, payment methods are chosen by the client. Reliable car rental is the key to your comfort!

                    How does transport outsourcing work? 
         The company that provides the organization of transport activities, for external contractors, is engaged in transport outsourcing. We provide long-term rental of vehicles on favorable terms - "turnkey".

For many organizations, it takes time and money to acquire, maintain and control all processes to ensure their own fleet.
We free you from unnecessary worries and provide favorable conditions for long-term car rental. We take care of repairs, insurance, maintenance. We will quickly replace the transport in case of a breakdown, and solve other tasks for the operation of the car. We do everything so that you just sit down and go!
By cooperating with Amigo, you will be fully confident in ensuring timely and uninterrupted delivery of your employees to the workplace and back. 
We offer comfortable transport and exclusive terms of the contract, much more profitable than conventional car rental.
         This service will be especially interesting for organizations that do not have a permanent representative office in Yekaterinburg and the region, but have business interests in this region. We have a proven reputation and are proud of the trust of such clients as Novatek, Rosatom and Megafon.  

                    5 reasons to rent a car:
         There is still an opinion that only wealthy people and businessmen can afford to rent a car. There are 5 main reasons when this service is justified and fully pays off:
- tourism
- car broke
down - business trips, meetings
- business trips of company personnel
- festive events
         Car rental is a very convenient and practical way to travel. You can carefully plan an individual route and enjoy the sights at a measured pace.
To get by rented car exactly where you want and when you want. This makes it possible to be a more independent tourist, go further and see what would have been missed.
         The car broke down
         Car rental is a great alternative when your car is under repair. Such a short-term rental is very common and allows you to be flexible, continue the usual way of life and daily routine.
If an unexpected breakdown has occurred, contact Amigo immediately. We will immediately provide a quality car for rent at a reasonable price.
         Business trips, meetings
         Attending conferences, meeting and establishing relationships with business partners and potential clients require careful planning and organization of transport. A suitable vehicle and arriving on time is part of a business reputation. 
Renting a car of a certain class allows you to observe a kind of "dress code", and correspond to the event at the proper level. Meet, transport a large delegation and resolve issues in a timely manner in a tight mode.
Business trips of company personnel
Business trips have become part of the official duties of company employees. Sometimes you need to check the work of the company's branches, visit clients, etc. Renting a car with or without a driver gives maximum flexibility and convenience on the trip.
If the company does not have its own representative office in the region or employees do not need a company car on a permanent basis, it will be much more profitable to rent a car.
         Festive events
         Festive events encourage us to do something special for ourselves and others. Perhaps you don't need a luxury car for every day — it's worth admitting that it's an expensive pleasure.
It is much more convenient to rent an elite and super comfortable car. You will make a pleasant surprise to your family and friends and surprise others. Such a prestigious car will be part of a stylish photo shoot for you and guests.     
Advantages over public transport
         Which is better: rent a car or use public transport? Although public transport is cheaper, but when the car is at hand, you have the freedom to go anywhere at any time. You have less contact with people during the epidemic, which is safer for your health.
At the same time, you maintain comfort and save energy. Especially car rental is effective for a city with poor public transport or for travelers with children.

                   Car or taxi rental
         By ordering a taxi, you can relax and not control the situation on the road and compliance with traffic rules. But on the other hand, you depend on the timely delivery of the car, the conscientiousness of the driver and the restrictions of the route.  
Customers quite often encounter situations when the interior is smoky, battered and not washed, and the car itself is worn out. If there are a lot of trips to be made during the day, then car rental will be more profitable.

     Where to go by rented car in Yekaterinburg?
         Yekaterinburg combines cultural and active recreation, every tourist will find something to their liking. The city has business and entertainment centers, malls, museums, an opera house, exhibitions, historical buildings and architectural monuments.
For lovers of nature and active recreation, the surroundings of Yekaterinburg open their mountain expanses and beauty. By renting a car, you will conveniently get to the most interesting corners and get acquainted with the local exotic.

                 Deer and ostriches farm in the village of Visim
         At a distance of 180 km from Yekaterinburg to the north, towards Nizhny Tagil, there is a reindeer farm in the village of Visim. There, in natural conditions, live different species of animals and birds that will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults.
You will meet and communicate with spotted deer, deer, ostriches, Yakut horses and other inhabitants of the farm. The animals are happy to welcome guests and are ready to accept another portion of healthy apple and vegetable treats. If you rent a car in Yekaterinburg, the journey time will take 2 hours 26 minutes.

                                    Talkov Kamen Lake
         Talc stone is a picturesque, transparent and deep lake with stone shores. This place is beautiful in any weather. Rent a car and the road from Yekaterinburg will take about an hour.
In 1843, a talc shale quarry was located on the site of the lake. A few years later, a clean forest lake with a depth of 32 meters was formed in an abandoned quarry. It is part of the nature park "Bazhovsky places".
The water in Talc stone does not warm up even in summer, but the unique microclimate and natural beauty make this place special and popular among tourists. 
You will be able to see beavers, rare plants listed in the Red Book. Gather berries in the forest and spend the night in a tent in the warm season.
To get to the lake by car, you need to go from Yekaterinburg along the Chelyabinsk highway, drive through Sysert and turn left after 1.5–2 km after the village of Asbestos. A rented car can be left in the paid parking.

                    Nature Reserve "Deer Streams"
         120 km from Yekaterinburg there is a specially protected natural area where taiga and forest-steppe are united. The map of the reserve shows trails of varying complexity, routes and attractions, such as a suspension bridge, quaint old rocks, an image of a statue.
In the warm season, rafting on the Serga River is popular, which beginners can do. This delightful place unites a unique animal and plant world: from a large bear to the smallest brown tooth, as well as about 800 species of plants, including endangered ones.
If you arrange a car rental in Yekaterinburg, leave the city in the Perm direction along the Moscow highway to the village of Bazhukovo. The journey will take about 2 hours. You can park your car at a paid parking lot, stay in a guest house for one or more nights or pitch your tent. 

               Kaolin Quarry - exotic Bali
         In the warm season and on a clear sunny day, it's worth renting a car and giving up on "Ural Bali". The Kaolin quarry offers a magnificent view, and the "exotic" color of the water, saturated with azure-turquoise shades, amazes tourists.
White clay (kaolin) was mined in the quarry. Although the water is unsuitable for swimming, but the place is perfect for a photo shoot.      
Leave Yekaterinburg in the direction of the Chelyabinsk region, through the city of Kyshtym. The quarry is located near the exit from the city, the road will take about 2 hours and 20 minutes.   
Renting a car in Yekaterinburg gives you freedom of action and great opportunities for a rich and unforgettable vacation!